Spring Workshop series #2

Here is the information for our new workshop series in the spring. This time, we are going to have two master technique classes. These classes will be semi-private and the teacher will take time to give individual advice and corrections to students during class. We are also able to take pictures and video to record your progress, but only if you want.

Master technique classes: Master Technique class

The first class will focus on
– Conditioning your body before and after class
– Understanding your body in developing correct muscular habits
– Beneficial stretching for turn-outs and prevention of injury
– Useful exercises for dancers
– Basic body alignments

The teacher, Yuko Katsumi, is a faculty member of San Francisco Ballet School and she is a judge in many ballet competitions. Her profile is here:

Yuko Katsumi Profile

Please join us for these unique opportunities to enhance your dance technique.

More workshops will come! Stay tuned.