Open Ballet Class in Tokyo 4

Here are more Open Class info in Tokyo.

I’ve checked these studios via Internet, but I didn’t have time to take class when I was in Japan. So no comment about these studios and please double check their website, if you are planning to take class there.

Broadway Dance Center Tokyo
Yes, they have Broadway Dance Center in Tokyo! Same as NY, they have a variety of dance classes and it’s open class!

They have four studios in Tokyo and all the studios have open class.


Maison de Ballet
One of the big ballet company in Japan, Asami Maki Ballet Company, organizes this dance studio. So most of their teachers are from Asami Maki Ballet company.

Dance works
Like Broadway dance center, they have a variety of dance classes.

Session House Kagurazaka
They don’t have many ballet class, but all the classes are open class.

Ichibangai Dance Studio

Hope this info helps you and enjoy dancing in Tokyo!!!!