Open Ballet Class in Tokyo 3

The last class I took in Tokyo is at K-ballet company. Former Royal Ballet principal dancer, Tetsuya Kumakawa is a artistic director of this company, and this organization has the school for young students and the studio for adults.

K-ballet gate is the ballet studio for adults from beginner to advanced/professional.

Basically you need to pay membership fee and purchase the monthly class fee. Only advanced/professional class are open for experienced students or professional dancers. And the class fee is 3,400 yen as of Oct 2016.

Here is the little conversation between their receptionist and me ๐Ÿ˜€

img_0095Me: Good morning. May I take a class from 10:00?
R: Sure! How long have you taken ballet?
Me: Almost seven years.
R: ……. So you didn’t have any ballet experiences when you are kid.
Me: Not at all.
R: If so, you may not keep up with this class.
Me: Okay, if I can’t follow the class, I will observe.
R: You can not stay in class. You need to get out.
Me: …..Okay….I will

It took more ten minutes she accepted me to take class after this conversation….whew…..

The class was very good and fortunately the teacher didn’t kick me out of the class. So I enjoy the whole class. (Thank you Teacher!)

If you are professional dancer, it won’t be a problem to sign up as a guest at all.
If you are not…..Good luck!….. :mrgreen: